Training module

Based on the general recommendations, the project partners have developed a training course for teachers and trainers on how to design quality distance and digital VET. This course includes one on-site and two online sessions and has been tested in November 2022 – January 2023 in the short-term joint staff training.


At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:  

  • position themselves in the digital learning environment (what is « digital », what are the different uses of digital technologies, in particular in teaching and learning, what is the new role of trainer)   
  • identify and use digital tools in automotive teaching, according to their needs and skills  
  • design a blended learning course or transform an existing learning course in a blended one


  • Digital technologies and their different uses  
  • Digital technologies in teaching and learning 
  • Learning modalities 
  • Benefits and disadvantages in using technologies in learning 
  • First steps in creating digital learning: creating digital resources, using digital tools… 
  • The new roles of trainer and learner 
  • Designing a scenario of blended learning


  • eLearning introductory module: 1h30 of learning on Moodle platform dealing with topics such as digital technologies and their uses, different modalities of teaching, blended learning.  
  • Online synchronous preparatory training: 1h Teams session in order to get to know each other, to debrief on the introductory module and to present the next steps.  
  • Onsite training: a 3-days training session in Lyon (France) including theoretical and practical training sessions, professional visits and cultural activities. 
  • Implementation: participants will have a 3-month period to implement the blended scenario they worked on in their class.  
  • Online synchronous debrief training: 2h Teams session to discuss how the participants implemented blended scenarios in their classes.  

online introductory module

The elearning introductiory module is accessible by following the link below (please sign in first):

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