Repository of good practices

The purpose of this repository is to provide various examples of existing innovative digital learning practices for all the actors of the VET centres in the automotive area, but in particular for teachers and trainers.

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Integration of EdPuzzle for participatory teaching 

Blended learning Classroom management Dynamic classroom Edpuzzle Flipped classroom

Designing methodology for integrated didactic lessons with an asynchronous preparation moment that uses the tools of ed puzzles to create interactive videos.

Italy / Fondazione Cfp Padri Somaschi impresa sociale – Como


Car bodywork courses with Moodle

Blended learning Car painting Interactivity Moodle Online learning Scenario-writing

Creation and organization of educational courses in bodywork technology with Moodle

France / VET centre of The Bordeaux Chamber of trades


Planning a lesson for distance learning  

Blended learning Interactivity Skills-based learning

Design and delivery of a synchronous technical area lesson and use of the tool to be presented during the final examination held online instead of the practical test.

Italy / Fondazione Luigi Clerici



Blended learning Interactivity Situation-based learning

Implementation of a remote project work in the automotive sector.

Italy / Fondazione Opera Montegrappa


Creation of a video of professional gestures

Classroom management Professional gestures Vehicle maintenance Video

Create short videos of different professional gestures (for ex. flywheel control) in order to diversify the presentation of material in and out of the classroom and to allow learners to discover/review certain mechanical interventions differently.

France / CFA “Camille Weiss”


Personalise a learning course through scenario-based learning

LMS Moodle Scenario-writing

This practice is about making theoretical classes more attractive: by combining a class given inside the Vehicle Maintenance workshop (instead of regular classroom), and the use of a LMS and digital resources to validate their comprehension of the concepts seen in class.

France / Institut des métiers de Clermont-Ferrand


Use of a gamification approach for students’ engagement

Blooket Car painting Gamification Interactivity Quiz

Use of gamification to motivate students and deliver contents in a more interactive and funnier way, which might be especially suitable for VET programs with lower EQF levels.

Spain / CIFP Porta da Auga